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Frequently asked Questions Sample:

Q. I got billed $15,000 for the day but the hearing only took 11 minutes, that seems outrageous.

A. It's not remotely outrageous, this is starting to sound as though it's all about you. That's what I charge to spend a day in a stifling court room. You decided to plead guilty. What else was I supposed to do for the rest of the day? It's not like I could have ducked my head into the District Court and helped out. Besides, I needed to unwind. A lobster lunch at the Rocks followed by six bottles of 1986 Gewurtztraminer Vendange Tardive with my colleagues seemed essential. I recall that I was lucky just to break even. Read more FAQs

Q. I understand you're a lawyer to high profile identities, is that hard work?

A. Not really, they have the same problems as the little people. The big difference is that they're good payers, which means I'm happy to throw resources that I'd never consider for lessor customers. Of course that gets great results and gets me on television too which further broadens our already burgeoning customer base. Read more FAQs

Q. I just had you guys do a simple will for me and it cost $750 just for one friggin will. I could have downloaded one off the internet, what's the difference!

A. A personalised touch and about $750. Read more FAQs

Q. Is there a code of ethics that you must abide by.

A. A good question. I had to look that up. I remember back at law school they hit us up with "Professional Conduct". It gets bandied about over drinks some times but I try and avoid those conversations personally.

Of course people claim that successful lawyers like myself rarely have the requisite amount of consideration for ethical conduct. People that form this opinion of myself of course are ill informed and don't have the information needed to fully appreciate the sort of conditions I am forced to work under. I like a lot of other "normal" people have bills to pay and mouths to feed. To set aside a lucrative opportunity for the sake of some pie in the sky ethics just isn't practical. I do my best but I just can't live by any code religiously. Read more FAQs

Q. What the hell makes a scumbag like you tick?

A. I just love bringing justice to the people. Three years of study and you too can help bring justice to the people. Read more FAQs

Testimonials from impressed customers...

I was a captain of large bodied JETS. I had some misfortune with my airline and it seemed as though I'd never see the inside of a cockpit again. The BSL team had the airine shaking in their boots hahahah. Now, thanks to Lex and his team of specialists I've nearly finished my flight attendant training and I'll be back in the air in no time.

Captain M (retired) More testimonials

I was the former head of a large retail outlet. The BSL team couldn't do much for me from a legal sense. Now I live in Brazil and still have my freedom. Thanks BSL.

Name withheld. More testimonials

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Aviation Luminary, Captain Malcom joins the consultation team. Famous as a multiple crash survivor and a competent pilot, Captain Malcom brings new depth to the BSL team. Now offering distressed pilots a generous 1% discount on fees**.

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Our Wills and Estates partner writes "The doctrine of suspicious circumstances - getting around it and getting what IS yours".

Our in house Sports lawyer says "Come and see me if you've shattered an eyelash on a sports ground". Somehow we'll make it the occupier's liability, stop your suffering NOW.

Our Wills and Estate partner sensitively announces: "You may be quite thrilled to realise that you can challenge a will and our fees will be taken out of the winnings1". Call now if you have a loved one that hasn't left you what you feel should be yours.

BSL Family Law specialist says "Investing with BSL is an investment towards your family. Don't skimp on expert litigators, defend yourself with the best "guns" you can hire".


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