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Meet the staff...

Mr Lex Loci: A hell of a nice guy and a practical sort of chap, fun loving and outgoing. He considers one of his most fulfilling moments in life was coming to the aid of a group of airline passengers. The airliner alighted in the Hudson River. Quo can be seen pushing rescuers out of the way in order to hand out business cards. "Lucky for them I was on holidays at the right time and place.

Ms Quo Loci: BSL's specialist family lawyer. Says she really enjoys getting into the nuts and bolts finance of a break up. "I studied forensic accounting in order to make sure my clients get everything they're entitled to and to make sure my billing is in line with outcomes".

Mr Joe Loci: Specialist Representative Action lawyer. It gives me great warmth to know that my bank balance represents the victories I've made for the little person.

Ms Po Loci: Administrator at BSL. It's a joy to keep BSL running like a well oiled machine. I run the complaints division plus the office and it's very rewarding. When you call for assistance, I'll be the one you talk to.

Mr Mohandra (Mo) Loci: I like looking out for the wealthier "little man". Someone who can not only pay there bills but has the will and persistence to go through with civil litigation, particularly in the area of torts. I like the humane approach that sees through a win - win - lose result.



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