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Testimonials from impressed customers...

What a pleasant experience. I won my case against my neighbour's tree hanging over my fence line employing the highly skilled team at BSL. My neighbours couldn't believe it when I took them to the high court, my only wish is that I didn't have to sell my house to pay for it, the main thing is, I WON.

Name Withheld.

I caught my husband with some bimbo. Now I own everything thanks to the BSL support crew.

Name withheld.

I'm an airline pilot and I got into a spot of rough air. I never thought I'd fly again until I contacted the BSL team. Thanks to their innovative approach, I may be out of pocket but I am back at the sharp end. Thanks BSL

Captain (withheld)

I was in charge of a large company. Whilst I admit I made a few small mistakes, I couldn't believe it when the government tried to send me to prison for them. Thankfully, I made the right choice when choosing BSL. I still laugh about it. Rather than go to prison, I'm still living in my mansion and the payout was fantastic. Giving creditors less than one cent in the dollar meant that I still have a fortune. Thank you BSL.

Name withheld

I got wound up in some war of words over getting my employees to increase their productivity. Even BSL said I may have gone too far. Hah, what a wind up. As it turned out all I had to do was make a few changes (mainly to my letterheads) and it's business as usual. Thanks BSL.

Name withheld

I was a captain of large bodied JETS. I had some misfortune with my airline and it seemed as though I'd never see the inside of a cockpit again. The BSL team had the airine shaking in their boots hahahah. Now, thanks to Lex and his team of specialists I've nearly finished my flight attendant training and I'll be back in the air in no time.

Captain M (retired)

I was the former head of a large retail outlet. The BSL team couldn't do much for me from a legal sense. Now I live in Brazil and still have my freedom. Thanks BSL.

Name withheld

After the most outrageous charges were laid against me BSL came to my aid. Talk about surprise. I almost believed that I was innocent. The lawyers at BSL really earn their pay in those court rooms.

Name withheld.





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